At first I was skeptical about Bowen Therapy and was unsure about what it could do for me.  That night I had the best sleep I have had in a long time.  Tina also made my dodgy knee feeling better than it usually does.  I highly recommend Tina to treat you.

Andrew Haley


As a  sensitive soul, full  massages are often too much for me yet Tina’s Bowen is perfect.

Even when I was having a migraine she was able to work on relieving all the muscles around my head which really helped me to relax, thus shortening the time I suffered.

I would recommend Tina for any kind of Bowen support your body needs.

Kathryn Wilkins


I have been a client of Tina Ravenscroft and Bowen therapy for 12 months, originally as a case study and more recently as a client.

I was initially apprehensive of Bowen and its ability to cure through methods of massage and manipulation. After a few visits, I was converted.

I was cleared of hay fever last Spring, after being a long time sufferer. I also have a physical Job and a minor disability both of which create discomfort in my muscles and joints. Both are now satisfactorily healing over time with Bowen.

Not forgetting the odd head ache, back ache, neck and shoulder ache which have all reduced since beginning the therapy.

In addition, Tina has a kind, gentle and friendly approach to her healing; Tina performs her Bowen in a quiet, warm and pleasant atmosphere.

I would recommend this therapy to anyone.

Patrick Hinds


Call Tina on 0417 822 495 to book a Bowen treatment