My Client Charter

My Vision

I shall assist in improving the health and well being of my clients by providing the best care possible.

My Values

I will provide excellent client service. Treat you with integrity, respect and care by taking a genuine interest in you.   I will listen and communicate with you to determine the best possible treatment for you.


I will always be prompt and prepared for each session. To provide a quality service to my clients and where necessary refer you to additional services or practitioners.


In accordance with the privacy act of Australia,  I will treat your personal and confidential information with sensitivity. I will collect, store and use information responsibly.

How you can assist me

Help me to understand your needs so that I can give you the best possible treatment. You can do this by answering my questions, explaining your needs and being honest with me.

Please tell me if there are changes I should know about.

If something happens that you like or do not like about my service, please let me know. I will ensure your feedback is heard.

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