What to expect

What to expect

What to expect from a Bowen therapy consultation

It uses thumbs and fingers, as the practitioner makes small, gradual movements with their thumb over tendons, ligaments, muscles and soft tissues. This is done at points on the patient’s body, and the practitioner only uses the right amount of pressure which is comfortable to the individual under therapy.

The practitioner doesn’t use hard-tissue manipulation on a patient, plus there is no force being used.

Again, instead of asking the body to change, this technique ”asks” the body to start recognizing so that it can make changes on its own.

In between the movements, the body is allowed to relax for a few minutes. This is meant to let the body register and absorb the information it has just received, so that healing process can begin. Sessions typically last between 30 to 60 minutes, and this depends on the age and symptoms of the patient.

Many clients, during the therapy session become so relaxed, that they go into deep sleep during the therapy.

Acute injury, or injury considered short-term is usually treated in 1 to 3 Bowen treatment sessions, while long-term conditions may take a number of sessions. Patients are required to take a gap of between 5 to 10 days between sessions — as the body needs to process all the information it has received.

When a patient is receiving Bowen Therapy, it is advised that they don’t receive other hands-on treatment therapies  3 days before or after a Bowen treatment.

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