Tissue Salts

Tissue Salts

What are tissue salts & how they can help your well being

How Tissue Salts helped me to sit down and watch a whole TV show with my husband without having to get up and move around every 10 mins…..

I had Restless legs for 20 years and had tried just about everything you can think of to rid myself of this debilitating condition, to no avail. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t sit and watch TV, read a book or go to the movies. I always had to sit at the end of an aisle at a conference or on flight so I could get up and walk around. It completely dominated the way I lived and robbed me of many pleasures of life. I discovered Tissue salts and within 24 hours of taking them I was very optimistic that I had found something that would give me some relief from the symptoms of this hideous complaint.

They have helped many of my clients too…..

What are Tissue Salts?

Tissue Salts are Biochemic minerals. These minerals occur naturally in the body are used by the body to function effectively.
Dr Schuessler, the founder of biochemic therapy started and created Tissue Salts to the same potency and combination as found in the body. As they are given in the correct combination and minute dosage that the body requires they don’t need to be broken down or built up to be utilised.

The body’s Tissue Salts become depleted through numerous diverse ways, such as stress, poor diet, quality of food, drugs, alcohol, medications, supplements, lifestyle and poor water intake which increases the risk of infection and disease. Many different ‘conditions’ may be the result and in some cases tissue salts alone may not remedy the deficiency. The ‘cause’ may require the client to make certain changes to their habits and or lifestyle. For example, If you are taking Tissue salts for eczema and it is not improving then you will have to stop using the soap that is causing the eczema in the first place.

Supplements are vitamins, minerals and other substances given in combinations not found in the body. These are processed through digestion where the body makes the necessary changes to use the supplements. This can be ineffective and sometimes can cause harm through an excess of minerals given of an extended period. Tissue salts given in small doses and are used until the deficiency has been remedied.

How are they used?

Tissue salts are dissolved in your mouth and are absorbed through buccal mucosa. They then go directly into the blood stream and into the cells where they are utilised. As they don’t go through your digestive system; and for this reason, they can be taken by lactose intolerant and gluten free people, and in fact may be able to aid clients with their milk and wheat intolerances.

Our bodies are ingenious and will display signs of mineral deficiency through symptoms, facial signs and presenting conditions. With facial diagnosis, some discovery questions and a reasonable knowledge of the client’s history we can prescribe the correct tissue salts balance and to aid the deficiency. For example, a restless person suffering from exhaustion and nerviness can both, be the sign of an overworked nervous system in need of Magnesium Phosphate.

Tissue salts treat signs and symptoms and can aid many different conditions.

For example, it can improve digestion and gut health and in turn our immune system. As well as muscular aches, pains, sprains, inflammation, depression, sleep issues, and hormonal issues. Tissue salts are safe for children, pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and after birth, and the elderly and can be taken with prescribed medications. Pregnant women, breast feeding mothers, hard physical workers and very active sports people have a need of a larger amount of minerals.

There are 12 major Tissues salts and 13 minor ones and they all play a role in the functioning of our bodies.

CALCIUM FLUORIDE is for elasticity. Found in the cells of the skin, tooth enamel and bones. It aids ligaments, tendons, muscles, arteries, veins, and lymphatic glands, and skin hardening such as calluses.

CALCIUM PHOSPHATE is for relaxation, rebuilding and recovery. Mainly found in bone cells it aids in the healing of fractures and teeth structure. It is also important after trauma and for convalescence.

FERRUM (IRON) PHOSPHATE is principally found in our blood and all cells in the body. Part of the remedy for fever and used for inflammation new wounds, minor contusions and sprains.

KALIUM (POTASSIUM) CHLORIDE is found in almost every cell in the body and mainly related to connective tissue. It is also the main remedy for the second stage of infections. Assists with colds, coughs, conjunctivitis tonsillitis and pneumonia.

KALIUM (POTASSIUM) PHOSPHATE is found in the brain, nervous cells, blood, muscle cells and inter-cellular fluids. Conditions such as insomnia, physical, mental and emotional exhaustion like panic and anxiety attacks, depression and is a great tool for getting through demanding times like exams or even the after school, tea time witching hours.

KALIUM (PORASSIUM) SULPHATE is an oxygen carrier and mainly found in the skin(epidermis) and the epithelium (the thin tissue forming the outer layer the body’s surface, lining the alimentary canal or other hollow structures. Is used in the third stage of inflammation when there is yellow or green mucous secretions and itchy scaling skin after an infection.

MAGNESIUM PHOSPATE promotes relaxation of the muscles and nerves. Helps with cramps, spasms, as pain relief for migraines and muscles, hormone issues, sleeping, and issues with sleep due to shift work or jet lag, constipation, cholesterol, hormonal issues and is the body workers friend.

NATRUM (SODIUM) CHLORIDE regulates the absorption and excretion of fluids of the cells. It helps promote digestion, sleeping, feeling weepy, dry skin, dandruff, dryness of mucous membranes and joint pain.

NATRUM (SODIUM) PHOSPHATE is a component of the blood cells, muscles, nerve and brain cells, and tissue cells. It is a remedy for rheumatism, sciatica, kidney infections and after consuming high-fat foods.

NATRIUM (SODIUM) SULPHATE excretes excessive tissue fluid and accumulated metabolic waste from the body. Increases kidney and urinary bladder activity and bowel movement especially in the large intestine, liver and pancreas. Used with influenza, ulcers on lower legs and malnutrition.

SILICEA provides tissues with support, firmness and resistance and is found in connective tissue, hair, nails, bones, skin the mucous membranes and nerves. Used in cases of fistulas, dental ulcers, sty’s, ganglion’s, itching skin and hair loss.

CALCIUM SULPHATE is regarded as a cleansing remedy and is contained in the gall and the liver. Used in abscesses, rickets, kidneys and urinary tract infections. It is the third stage in lung troubles, boils, carbuncles, ulcers, abscesses and helps the inflammation to close off and heal.


Tissue salts often work in conjunction with one another to balance the deficiency and bring the body back to good health. They are also available in ointments as well.
For a full mineral analysis or if you wish to speak to me about a particular concern or condition please contact me to make an appointment.